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Hectare To Bigha Converter : A Guide for Real Estate and Agriculture

Hectare to bigha converter A Guide for Real Estate and Agriculture

Anyone involved in the farming or real estate sectors has to know how to convert hectares to bighas, or Ha to Bighas. The hectare is the preferred unit of measurement in metric geography, although the bigha is a historic unit of measurement in certain Indian and United Arab Emirates emirates.

Accurate measurement, appraisal, and conversion between the two units of land area converter hectare to bigha are necessary for landowners, farmers, and real estate brokers. The hectare-to-bigha formula, the conversion’s processes, and a ton of examples will all be covered in this article to help you better grasp it.

About Hectare

The metric system’s standard unit of measurement for land and plots is the hectare. It is used globally. When measuring vast tracts of land, hectare is typically utilized. In the symbolic form, it is written as “ha.” It is an approved non-SI unit that may be used with the unit’s global systems.

A hectare is equivalent in the British Imperial System to 10,000 square meters and 2.471 acres. A hectare is comparable in size to a European football pitch from a visual standpoint. 

In agriculture, the hectare is a crucial unit of measurement. It provides the best understanding of crop production and the agriculture industry’s goods to the buyers.

An acre contains 0.405 hectares, whereas a square kilometer has 100 hectares. Hectacres are square expanse measurements measured in metric units, with 100 meters on each side.

History of Hectare

The term “are” was rejected in the 1960 revision of the metric system. Nevertheless, the European Economic Community passed a guideline in 1972. A list of potential measurement units for a community was provided. The hectare was one of the cataloged units, but its use was limited to the amount of land.

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Dimensions of Hectare

1 Hectare 2.47 acres        
1 Hectare 10,000 square meters                 
1 Hectare 107, 639 sqft            
1 Hectare 11,959 square yards                    
1 Hectare 100000000 sq cm                     

About Bigha

Bigha is a phrase used to measure land in many regions of India where farming is the predominant activity. States in India have different values when it comes to Bigha. Bigha is divided into two components. Say hello to Biswa and Katha. Bigha typically has a value of one to one and a third of an acre. About one eighth or two fifths of a hectare is equivalent to one bigha.

Hectare to Bigha Formula and Example

The History of Bigha

Bigha is a customary and indigenous unit of measurement used in the area converter hectare to bigha. Ranchers in Indian states utilize this amount of land converter hectare to bigha to make calculations easier. Bigha was once the accepted unit of measurement for land in several regions of India. 

Since this unit’s value varies throughout Indian states, it is not utilized internationally. The location of the land affects its value.  The value’s fluctuation makes use more difficult. The majority of South Indian states do not use this unit of measurement because of this. 

In the northern regions of India, land sales and purchases were typically informal and not recorded. Bigha doesn’t have a conventional size because of this. Pucca, also known as Pakka Bigha, is a popular dish in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan. When interacting with renters, landlords utilize Kuchha or Kachcha Bigha.

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Dimensions of Bigha

1 Bigha 2,990 sq yd
1 Bigha 2,500 sq mt     
1 Bigha 1.04 ground            
1 Bigha 0.62 Acre                     
1 Bigha 2.30 Guntha                      
1 Bigha 26910.66 Sq ft                    
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How to Converter Hectare to Bigha Converter in Rajasthan

You can calculate the conversion from hectare to bigha converter in Rajasthan and find that one hectare is equal to 3.99 Bigha . Hence, we only need to increase the number by 3.99 to translate hectare to bigha converter in rajasthan. For that, we’re going to apply an extremely straightforward conversion method from hectare to bigha converter in rajasthan. Please refer to the computation example that follows.

1 Hectare = 1 x 3.99 = 3.99 Bigha

Difference Between Hectare and Bigha

The following are some ways that Hectare and Bigha vary from one another.


  • The hectare is the metric measure used to quantify plots and fields.
  • The symbol for hectare is the letter “ha.”
  • Hectacre is recognized by Canada, Australia, the European Union, Burma, the LIS, and India.
  • In 1 hectare, there are 3.953686105 Bighas.


  • In the community, bighas are used to measure plots and lands.
  • Bigha has the metaphorical meaning of “Bigha.”
  • In Bangladesh, Nepal, and other Asian nations, bigha is widely utilized.
  • Greater than Bigha is Hectare. That works out to 0.2508382079 hectares.


A vital calculation for anybody involved in real estate or agricultural, where the Bigha is the standard unit of land measurement, is converting a hectare to a Bigha. While bigha sizes may vary from state to state, understanding the conversion method and its uses is essential to accurately measure and assess land area converter hectare to bigha. Using conversion tables and speaking with local authorities or land surveyors can help guarantee accurate conversions.

A hectare to bigha converter or a hectare to bigha calculator might be a useful tool if you need to convert a hectare to a bigha fast and correctly. By entering the hectare value, the converter will yield the matching bigha to hectare converter measurement. This can lower the possibility of land measuring mistakes and save time and effort when performing calculations by hand.

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