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EMS Limited, a company studying in conservation management solutions, mostly in water and waste action, made captions with its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in September 2023. The IPO was a important event for the company and the industry, shiny the growing importance of the support environment in business operations. The company’s strong financial act included a Profit After Tax of ₹108.62 crore and a net value of ₹487.83 crores. EMS IPO successful IPO reproduced its strong financial standing and active productivity in the market.

What is an EMP IPO?

The EMS IPO mentions to the initial public offering of EMS Limited, a company be alert in conservation managing solutions, mostly water and waste treatment. The IPO expected to increase ₹321.24 crores through a combination of a new question and an offer for sale. It was priced at ₹200 to ₹211 per share, with a lot size of 70 shares. The IPO opened on September 8, 2023, and closed on September 12, 2023, with the shares listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on September 21, 2023. The funds raised were future for repayment of borrowings and general company purpose.

EMS IPO Business Overview


EMS Limited, established in 2012 and first called EMS, dedicate yourself to in eco-friendly management solutions, directing on water and waste treatment. The company offers complete services for dirt, water supply, water and waste treatment, energy distribution, roads, and related tasks. EMS Limited bids for offers delivered by Central Public Works Department (CPWD), state governments, and urban local bodies (ULBs) for developing water supply systems (WSSPs) and water and waste treatment plants on an Engineering, Procurement, and Creation (EPC) or Hybrid Allowance Model (HAM) basis.

EMS IPO Financial Performance

EMS IPO financial performance important up to its IPO established a strong growth route. Here are some key financial highlights:

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Revenue Growth: The company total profits from methods stood at ₹538 crore for FY23, a important increase from ₹360 crore in FY22.

Profit After Tax: EMS Limited described an ₹149 crore and a Profit After Tax (PAT) of ₹108.62 crore for the same period.

Current Asset: The current assets improved from ₹414.75 crores in March 2022 to ₹488.82 crores in March 2023, representing a healthy asset performance with an increase of 17.85%.

Net Worth: the company net worth was ₹487.83 crores, with cash and extra amounting to ₹443.45 crores.

These facts reproduce EMS Limited hard financial standing and working productivity, which likely paid to the positive welcome of its IPO in the market.

EMS IPO Status Bidding Details

The EMS IPO observed a strong subscription status, with the following details:

Complete Subscription: The IPO was subscribed 76.21 times.

Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB): The QIB category was subscribed 149.98 times.

Non-Institutional Investors (NII): The NII category saw a subscription of 84.39 times, with two subcategories:

Big NII (BNII): Bids above ₹10L were subscribed 83.15 times.

Small NII (SNII): Bids below ₹10L were subscribed 86.87 times.

Retail Investors (RII): The retail category was subscribed 30.55 times

Reservation Of EMS IPO

The EMS IPO reservation details were as follows:

Total Stocks Offered: 15,224,924 stocks.

Qualified Institutional Buyers: 20.00% of the bid, amount to 3,044,985 stocks.

Non-Institutional Investors: 15.00% of the bid, amount to 2,283,739 stocks.

Retail Individual Investors: 35.00% of the bid, amount to 5,328,724 stocks.

Anchor Investors: 30.00% of the offer, amount to 4,567,476 shares.

The smallest lot size for a request was 70 shares, and the minimum amount of investment compulsory by retail savers was ₹14,770. For small NII (SNII), the minimum lot size investment was 14 lots (980 shares), amounting to ₹206,780, and for big NII (BNII), it was 68 lots (4,760 shares), amounting to ₹1,004,360

Shares Offered of EMS IPO

The EMS IPO was a community question of 15,224,924 justice shares. The shares were distributed among different investor groups as follows:

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Anchor Investors: 4,567,476 stocks 30.00%

Qualified Institutional Buyers: 3,044,985 stocks 20.00%

Non-Institutional Investors (NII): 2,283,739 stocks 15.00%

Retail Individual Investors (RII): 5,328,724 stocks 35.00%

The issue was a blend of a fresh distribute of 6,930,806 shares combining to ₹146.24 crores and an offer for sale of 8,294,118 shares collecting to ₹175.00 crore.

Lot Size of EMS IPO

The EMS IPO lot size means to the smallest number of shares Of investor can apply for through the Initial Public Offering of EMS Limited.

  • The lot size was set at 70 shares, which income that depositors required to bid for at minimum this number of shares.
  • The lot size is a crucial aspect of an IPO as it determines the minimum entry point for investors.
  • For the EMS IPO, the value band was ₹200 to ₹211 per share, making the minimum savings amount for retail investors ₹14,770.
  • This lot size was designed to make the IPO available to a broad range of investors


EMS Limited, a company be alert in conservation management solutions, mostly in water and waste treatment, showed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in September 2023. The IPO expected to advance ₹321.24 crores done a new Distribute and offer for sale, priced at ₹200 to ₹211 per share. EMS IPO, established in 2012, efforts on eco friendly management solutions for water and waste treatment, with income reaching ₹538 crore in FY23. EMS IPO had a strong subscription status, with the EMS IPO being subscribed 76.21 times. QIB group was subscribed 149.98 times, NII category was subscribed 84.39 times, with BNII at 83.15 times and SNII at 86.87 times, while RII was subscribed 30.55 times. 

The total shares presented were 15,224,924, with QIB getting 20%, NII getting 15%, RII getting 35%, and Anchor Investors getting 30%. The lot size was set at 70 shares with a minimum investment of ₹14,770. The Distribute comprised a fresh distribution of 6,930,806 shares and an offer for sale of 8,294,118 shares, with a value band of ₹200 to ₹211 per share.

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